Supplying Artwork

Prefered file types

Logos are best supplied as vector files.

Images/photos must be high resolution 300dpi (pixels per inch).

Vector vs Raster

Our preferred file format where possible are vector files. Vector files are made with mathematical formulas and are super high resolution, so they can be scaled to any size without losing quality. Raster files are pixel based and will become blurry if scaled up.

Preparing Vector Files

All text in the artwork must me converted to outline to ensure the correct font is printed. Please convert all your colours to spot colour and choose Pantone® Solid Coated colours where possible. If there are any linked/placed raster images, they must meet the minimum requirements for raster files. PDFs must retain editing capabilities from the program that was used to create them.

Please note, placing a jpeg into illustrator and exporting as a pdf is not considered a vector type file.

Preparing Raster Files

All images for print must be high resolution 300dpi (pixels per inch) and 100% print size or larger. Images for print should be in CMYK colour, images provided in RGB colour may not appear as vibrant when printed.

Images for web use such as websites, emails, social media etc. can be supplied as lower resolution 72dpi (pixels per inch). 

Artwork Setup Charges

Artwork setup charges are usually only incurred where we need to redraw an artwork or modify existing artwork significantly. We will always let you know if artwork charges apply. Artwork is charged at $75 per hour.

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