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Got a brilliant t-shirt idea? Planning a conference or school event and need a hassle-free way for attendees to pick sizes and pay? Look no further than starting your own online affiliate store! 
It’s easy: sell your brand without any fees, risks, inventory, or headaches. Plus, enjoy a sweet 20% commission on monthly sales. Join our community of hundreds of affiliates, from solo designers to gyms, sporting clubs, cafes, and schools — all rocking their own custom apparel.

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Fundraiser Campaigns

Ready to make a difference and have a blast doing it? Say hello to the ultimate fundraising fiesta with Thread Traders! 

Picture this: you’ve got a cause close to your heart, a community project that needs some love, or a group that’s itching to make a splash. What’s the solution? Custom t-shirts, baby! 
With Thread Traders, you’re the designer, the storyteller, and the social media superstar. Whip up your grooviest design, spill your heart out with your story, and then get the party started by shouting it from the digital rooftops! But hold onto your hats, because here comes the best part: we take care of all the nitty-gritty stuff. That’s right, no inventory nightmares, no scary set up fees, and absolutely zilch risk or headaches. We’re talking smooth sailing all the way, folks!

Starting a campaign with us isn’t just smart—it’s downright sensational. Whether you’re a school on a mission, a small business with big dreams, or a charity ready to rock, we’ve got your back.
So what are you waiting for? Let’s turn your fundraising dreams into a reality and make some serious waves together. Thread Traders: where fundraising meets fun!

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1. Choose your product and add your design and set your goal.
2. Share your story and promote it on social media, newsletter etc. Tell Everyone!
3 Track your progress, watch your goal getting closer.
4. Goal reached! We print and ship your orders and transfer your profit in to your nominated PayPal account.

From a quick-fire 7-day sprint to a marathon 21-day extravaganza, the choice is yours. But hey, let’s spill the tea: the sweet spot for success is usually between 14 to 21 days. That’s the golden window where you can strut your stuff, spread the word, and watch the magic happen!
Think about it like this: it’s your time to shine, to rally the troops, and to make waves in the fundraising universe. With a bit of extra breathing room, you can cook up some killer promos, rally your troops, and really get the party started!
So, what’s it gonna be? Fast and furious or slow and steady wins the race? No matter your style, Thread Traders is here to turn your campaign into a blockbuster hit!

Webstore FAQ

To begin, just click the link provided either on our homepage or right here. Once you’ve signed up, it’s a breeze: utilize our user-friendly template and drag-and-drop system to customize your store exactly how you envision it - Absolutely FREE!! If you’d rather have us handle the setup, no problem! Just reach out to us, and we’ll chat about your requirements. The setup fee varies based on your store’s complexity, starting at $300. Easy as pie!

If you want to sell your own designs or branding, an affiliate store is your go-to option (also known as white label). These stores are ideal for schools, fitness groups, gyms, clubs, and more, aiming to sell their products continuously. On the other hand, if you're looking to quickly promote and raise funds for a charity, club, or community event, a campaign is the perfect choice. Easy, right?

We offer a straightforward 20% commission on our retail prices. If you decide to raise your sale prices in your store, your commission will increase accordingly, though most people stick to our standard retail pricing. Your commission is deposited into your nominated PayPal account between the 1st and 4th of each month. It typically becomes available 7-10 days after an order is shipped, so depending on the timing, it might carry over to the next month. If your commission is below $5, it rolls over to the following month. You can easily track your commission and cleared commission balances in your account. Currently, PayPal is the only payment method available.

You can redirect your store to any domain name you have purchased.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok offer powerful avenues to promote your store. Sharing your store link across these social media platforms will significantly boost your visibility. Consider creating a dedicated Facebook page and YouTube channel for your store to engage your audience even more effectively. Remember, the more you promote across all platforms, the more sales you generate. Your main focus should be on promoting your store; we take care of everything else for you!

Get ready for a thrilling delivery experience! Your orders are shipped in sleek white label packaging, featuring either generic washing instructions or your very own branding. We've got you covered with a convenient PO box for returns, ensuring seamless handling in case of address mishaps. Rest assured, there's no hint of Thread Traders anywhere in sight. It's all about your brand, your style, and your seamless customer experience!

Absolutely! You call the shots here. If you're keen on offering your customers the option to pick up from us, it's entirely within your control. Just say the word, and we'll customize the available shipping methods to align perfectly with your preferences. White label concerns? Not a problem! We'll tailor everything to fit your vision seamlessly. Get ready to offer your customers an exhilarating range of choices!

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